Fleetwood Fire Department May Move To Former Fleetwood School Building (2016-12-07 14:27:06)

Fleetwood Fire Department is now free to acquire the Fleetwood Elementary School Building.

The Ashe County Board of Commissioners have decided not to acquire the old Fleetwood School building from Ashe County Schools, allowing the building to be sold by Ashe County Schools as they see fit.

The Ashe Mountain Times reports that the decision from the December 5th Commissioners meeting clears the way for the Fleetwood Fire Department to potentially acquire the building to relocate from its current facility due to the U.S. Highway 221 four-lane project. The Fleetwood Elementary School building is across the street from the current fire department facility.  

According to the Times, the property is currently leased to the Greater Fleetwood Preservation Organization, but the governing board of that organization has agreed for the lease to be terminated immediately.