Hampton, Hudler Bare Earn MVAC Honors.... (2018-12-11 17:31:04)

Brian Hampton, Zach Bare and Luke Hudler earn lofty honors from the Mountain Valley Conference. Overall, the Huskies were well represented on the MVAC All-Conference Team. For more on that story, and more local sport headlines, please click on the link below....

MVAC – 2018 Football

Champions – Ashe County
Offensive Player of the Year: Luke Hudler – Ashe County
Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Zach Bare – Ashe County,
Nik Pardue – Starmount
Coach of the Year: Brian Hampton – Ashe County

MVAC Offensive Team
All Conference Backs                                             Honorable Mention
Luke Hudler – Ashe County                              Cole Chipman – North Wilkes
Tim Peterson – Ashe County                            Dylan Church – North Wilkes
Ethan Barnes – Starmount                              Trey Dezern - Starmount
JoRaye Morrison – Wilkes Central                    Dallas Rash – West Wilkes
Jayveon Ross – East Wilkes
Dustin Rector – Alleghany
Camden Wyatt – Wilkes Central
Brayson Church – East Wilkes

All Conference Lineman                                            Honorable Mention
Jacob Combs – North Wilkes                                      J acob Nixon – Starmount
Taylor Shepherd – Alleghany                                      Braxton Grose – West Wilkes
Tyler Harmon – Ashe County                                      Jesse Kemp – Ashe County
Zach Hicks – Starmount                                             Noe Torriente – Elkin
Edgar Cortez – East Wilkes                                        Marco Chavez – Alleghany
Hunter Knight – Ashe County                                     Jonah Pendergrass - Starmount
Cameron McNeill – Wilkes Central
Daniel Bright – Alleghany
Matthew Altemueller – Elkin

All Conference Receivers                                                       Honorable Mention
Austin Poe – Ashe County                                               Corbin Coldiron – Ashe County
Branson Shepherd – Ashe County                                     Eric Wiles – Starmount
Ethan Brown – North Wilkes                                            Jordan Lyall – Alleghany
Bayden Childress – Starmount
Trey Lambert – East Wilkes

MVAC Defensive Team
All Conference Linebackers                                                       Honorable Mention
Nik Pardue – Starmount                                                       Evan Howell – Wilkes Central
Alex LaCroix – Ashe County                                                 Garrett Shumate – West Wilkes
Jesse Aguilar – East Wilkes                                                  Gabe Bare – Ashe County
Jon Rosales – Wilkes Central                                                Luke Huffman – West Wilkes
Spencer Murphy – Alleghany                                                Isaac Barker – East Wilkes
Ryan Blevins – Ashe County                                                 Zamian Gwyn – Wilkes Central
Ethan Barnes – Starmount
Boone Beaver – Elkin
Caleb Souther – North Wilkes

All Conference Defensive Lineman                                               Honorable Mention
Zach Bare – Ashe County                                                      Denver Stokes – Starmount
Bayden Childress – Starmount                                               Ethan Scott – Wilkes Central
Joseph Hampton – Alleghany                                                Randy Harris – East Wilkes
Jacob Combs – North Wilkes                                                 Kody Blevins – Alleghany
Graylon Hughes – Elkin                                                        Austin Longworth – Elkin
Noah Vannoy – Ashe County                                                Logan Richardson – Ashe County
Joel Sparks – Wilkes Central

All Conference Defensive Backs                                                       Honorable Mention
Kia Christoferson – Ashe County                                                    Brett Beaver – Elkin
J. Max Swaim – Starmount                                                           Sean Sidden – East Wilkes
Josh Pack – Wilkes Central                                                           Ty Parsons – Elkin
Drake Elliott – Ashe County                                                          Ben Longbottom – East Wilkes
Drake Funderbunk – Starmount                                                    Ty Cleary – East Wilkes
Ethan Brown – North Wilkes

MVAC All Conference Punter
Boone Beaver – Elkin

MVAC All Conference Place Kicker
Jared Foley - Alleghany