Boone TDA Plans Howard Knob Redevelopment (2018-12-12 16:14:52)

The Boone Tourism Development Authority has revealed its new master plan for the redevelopment of Howard Knob.

High Country Press reports that according to the master plan, Howard Knob would eventually act as an anchor point for the future Northern Peaks Trail that will connect Watauga and Ashe Counties.

According to the report, the plan is in its very earliest stages, and some of the first items to tackle are cleaning up the existing facilities and picnic areas, putting new picnic tables out and designing a new deck.

Further out, the TDA has discussed the possibility of putting a fire tower or building on the site, so people can get an even better view from the top of Howard Knob.

This is expected to be a multi-year project, and the TDA developed the master plan far in advance so they can be grant-ready when the time comes to begin work.

Take a look at the Howard Knob master plan online at