Boone Fork Foot Bridge On Tanawha Trail Closed Due To Storm Damage (2018-06-01 22:07:20)

The Boone Fork foot bridge is closed.

Sue Bean, Superintendent at Grandfather Mountain State Park, said in a press release that Grandfather Mountain experienced heavy, prolonged rains during the last two weeks of May.  State park trails were damaged and eroded extensively, making many areas impassable or dangerous. Repairs to the trails will take time.  The Cragway and Nuwati Trails will remain closed until repairs are complete.  This closure includes the four campsites along the Nuwati Trail: Streamside, Hermitage, Storyteller and Refuge. 

The National Park Service closed the Tanawha Trail foot bridge over Boone Fork due to damage to the footings.  The Blue Ridge Parkway is working on a proposed plan to move forward with repairs.  The bridge, located off the Boone Fork Parking Area just north of the mile marker 300 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, is used to access the Daniel Boone Scout, Cragway, Nuwati and Tanawha Trails.    

The Daniel Boone Scout Trail is open, but the only parking access is at the Boulder Field Parking area between mile markers 302 and 303, which can accommodate about eight vehicles.  The hike on the Tanawha Trail from Boulder Field to the Daniel Boone Scout Trailhead is 2.8 miles.  All campers must register for their campsite at the Profile Trailhead, even if hiking on the Daniel Boone Scout Trail.  The Profile Trailhead is located at 4198 Highway 105, Banner Elk, 28604.  The Daniel Boone Scout Trail sustained a lot of erosion damage with the heavy rains and the trail is in poor condition. 

The Profile Trail is open, but hikers should be prepared for difficult conditions on the trail caused by the heavy rainfall.  Some stream crossings will be underwater and the trail will be wet, slippery and washed out in some sections.  Park staff are concentrating prioritized efforts on stabilizing the trail along the Watauga River, which lost several feet of trail into the river. 

The Grandfather, Grandfather Extension, Blackrock and Underwood Trails are open.  These trails are accessible through the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation:  a private organization that owns and operates the southern, developed portion of the mountain.  An entrance fee is charged.   Please call 828.733.2013 for information on the Stewardship Foundation. 

Up-to-date State Park information will be posted on the website ( and Facebook page.  Any questions may be directed to the Grandfather Mountain State Park office at 828.963.9522 during office hours, Monday through Friday8 a.m. to 5 p.m.