Body Recovered At Elk River Falls (2018-05-31 10:12:40)

Avery County Sheriff Kevin Frye announced Wednesday afternoon that a body believed to be that of Thomas McCardle Jr was located at Elk River Falls.

According to the Avery Sheriff's Department Facebook page, Sheriff Frye said just  before noon Wednesday, firefighters, rescue and law enforcement were notified by Avery County 911 dispatch that a body had surfaced at Elk River Falls.

A body matching the description of Thomas McCardle Jr. was recovered and has been transported to the Medical Examiner's Office for positive confirmation of identification.

Sheriff Frye said the torrential rains of Tuesday night may have contributed to the body finally surfacing.

McCardle Jr. had been in the area for a wedding and went by Elk River Falls in Avery County, an area he had previously visited. McCardle is believed to have accidentally slid off a rock into the water at the bottom of Elk River Falls, on Sunday, May 20th and got caught in drug under by very strong currents due to the previous very heavy rain.