App Students Create Social Media Internship For Watauga Arts Council (2017-11-30 15:11:56)

A team of six Appalachian State University seniors has made it their mission to raise awareness for the Watauga County Arts Council.

This team of Mountaineers has taken it upon themselves to re-vamp the social media presence of the Watauga County Arts Council.

Social media will act as an affordable alternative for the organization to promote their events, reach younger audiences, and have a greater presence in the online community.

The effort began as a class project to plan a fundraising event for the Arts Council, but took a different turn.

The group is creating an internship position that will take over the social media accounts from them and continue their good work for the Spring semester and potentially many semesters to come.

The position will require a student from the communications, public relations, marketing, and any other major directly using social media to take over the accounts and grow the WCAC’s social media presence.

Community members and students can get involved by following the Watauga County Arts Council on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as applying for the internship if they are interested in gaining hands-on social media experience.

For more information email the Watauga Arts Council at