Appalachian To Seek Public-Private Partnerships To Increase Student Housing (2017-11-30 15:15:52)

Appalachian State announced a plan to seek proposals from private developers for new student housing projects.

The Watauga Democrat reports that the university plans more than 2000 beds in the projects that include the rebuilding of Winkler Hall near Kidd Brewer Stadium. 

According to the report, the proposed public-private partnership could help Appalachian replace aging dorms faster and at a lower cost.

Winkler Hall was torn down in 2014 and plans to rebuild it have been postponed for several years.

Paul Forte, ASU vice chancellor for business affairs said that depending on proposals received, Appalachian would most likely enter an agreement that would have a developer build on property owned by the University, and at the end of the lease agreement, the land and all improvements would be turned over to the University.

Costs are not certain until proposals come in, but in one estimate, under the public private partnership, new housing could run about $65,000 per bed, as opposed to costs of $100,000 per bed if the University were to build it.