Town Of Boone Announces Water Restrictions, West Jefferson Urges Conservation (2016-11-21 16:08:07)

The continued drought is leading to water shortages around the High Country.

At the Thursday, November 17th Boone Town Council meeting, Town Manager John Ward announced that the town has declared stage 2 water restrictions due to the continuing drought. Ward announced that water levels have continued to drop and that it is imperative that the town move to stage 2 restrictions and that the town would be initiating an education campaign soon.

West Jefferson leaders have asked residents and businesses to voluntarily restrict their water usage due to the drought. The Jefferson Post reports an email issued to residents and businesses asked for a reduction of water usage by five percent. The email from West Jefferson Town Manager Brantley Price on November 18th encouraged customers to check restrooms, sinks & outdoor faucets for any leaks or continuous running.

The Town of Beech Mountain announced restrictions earlier in the month.