Watauga NAACP Seeks Voters Who Cast Provisional Ballots (2016-11-17 14:36:24)

The Watauga NAACP is seeking voters who cast general election provisional ballots.

The following is the contents of a press release received by High Country Radio News and

"On Nov. 10, 2016, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, President of the North Carolina NAACP, shared a post-election message for moving forward. “Those who have struggled against injustice must not take this election personally” said Dr. Barber. 'We cannot blame our neighbors. We are inheritors of a legacy that has rejected justice, but remember, we are also the heirs of great dissenters.'

Our work is far from over. Even now, we must still safeguard the fundamental right to vote and ensure that post-election procedures are properly executed. This week, local County Boards of Election will meet periodically to count provisional ballots that were cast in the general election. It is the NC NAACP’s goal to make sure that all legitimate votes are counted.

The Watauga NAACP Branch, along with all NAACP branches across the state of North Carolina, has been activated to ensure that the community's voice is represented in these Local County Board of Elections meetings. We are calling on all individuals who cast provisional ballots in this election to contact us if you are in need of assistance. The NC NAACP voter protection team wants to provide you with information on the provisional ballot counting process, and guarantee that your vote is counted if you are qualified to vote under the law.

If you cast a provisional ballot – or were refused one when you asked - during the Early Voting period (Oct. 20th - Nov. 5th) or on Election Day (Nov. 8th), and would like assistance, please call NC NAACP at 919-308-9085 OR email: OR Now more than ever, we need you to make a final push in this fight for our democracy. The North Carolina NAACP will keep working to protect your vote and to see that fairness and justice is done on all fronts."