Watauga Board Of Election Meets Thursday and Friday (2016-11-17 14:39:19)

The Watauga County Board of Elections will meet Thursday at 5:00 p.m. for the board to vote on provisional ballots from the November 8th General Election.

Canvass will be held on Friday, at 11:00 am. Both meetings will take place in the small courtroom on the ground floor of the Watauga County Courthouse located at 842 West King Street, Boone. The board will consider challenges to eight early voter ballots. The Watauga Democrat reports the challenges come after public records requests made by Kelsey Wright, a Watauga native and former chair of the College Republicans at Appalachian State, and Anne-Marie Yates, chairwoman of the local Republican Party. The request was for copies of verification cards that had been returned to the elections board as undeliverable from voters who cast one-stop early voting ballots. Watauga County Elections Director Matt Snyder confirmed that the eight voter ballots being challenged had first and second notices that were returned as undeliverable.