On Thursday, November 3rd, the Two Rivers Community School kindergarten helped load a truck with clothing, seeds, and school supplies destined for Haiti.

The kindergarten class led efforts on campus to collect items for Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. The entire school rallied to collect 20 bags and 12 boxes full of items for those effected by the hurricane. This effort by the kindergarten fits into the school’s initiative for every grade level to participate in an annual service learning project.

The donated items will be loaded onto a school bus then transported to Minotre, Haiti via barge. The school bus was purchased through an international relief organization to transport students in the Minotre area to school. Upon the bus’s arrival to Haiti it will be filled with clothing, school supplies, and seeds for planting. This will be a welcomed aid to the people of Haiti who are still recovering from the 2010 earthquake and now Hurricane Matthew.

The students are sending seeds for planting, which also ties into their learning expedition. Mrs. Vicki Krueger, the Two Rivers kindergarten teacher, says,” The students are sending seeds of love and hope to the people of Haiti as we finish our ‘Who Are Farmers in the Community’ expedition. They are also writing a letter and notes to the people of Haiti to share their hope and love.” Throughout the kindergarten’s expedition they discovered and learned about what farmers provide our community. Sending seeds and donated items to Haiti gives students the opportunity to share their knowledge and understanding through a compassionate effort.

If you are interested in supporting or donating items please contact Jonathan Reece at His organization visits Haiti often to provide aid and is a great resource for those wanting to help from afar.