Damon Aric Scott (2018-11-19 17:11:34)

Damon Aric Scott, was born in Denver, CO to Harry “Chuck” and Barb Scott on April 17, 1973.

If you are lucky enough to know all three of them, you know that Damon was a perfect and equal combination of his parents. Throughout Damon’s life, the three shared a unique, beautiful, and unbreakable bond. At one time, they shared ownership in Scott Delivery Services, Inc., a furniture moving and delivery company. Damon became an expert furniture mover under the direction of his dad and could load a truck like packed sardines. He was known to pull off some really difficult moving jobs for many clients, friends, and family.
Damon’s parents always nurtured his natural interest in music. He learned to play guitar and bass and obtained jobs setting up stages for bands during his youth. He also spent time as a guitar tech for a number of bands in Denver. Damon became a certified luthier, learning to build and repair guitars, under the instruction of master luthier, Scott Baxendale. When he was offered an opportunity as a guitar tech for the Drive-By Truckers, he left Colorado for a new life in Athens, GA and on the road with the traveling rock band. During this time, Damon was able to see the world making it to 28 countries. He was popular among DBT fans known as the tall guy who tuned and cared for the band’s guitars, fired up the crowd between encores, protected the band, and even got to play with them from time to time. He took much pride in his job and loved being a member of the DBT family. It was during this time that we met.
In time, Damon and I transitioned our long-distance relationship to one that allowed us to spend our lives more together than apart. He moved to North Carolina where we enjoyed a full-time partnership. We were married in June of 2016. Damon became part of my family very quickly building a special relationship with my beloved late granddad, who taught him many tree cutting skills. He had a very special relationship with my adult children, Bruce and Alex, referring to them as his son and daughter at all times. He loved our grandchildren, Jemmye and Lucas, and appreciated any time he was able to be with them. He was always good with children and was a role model for many cousins, nieces, and nephews that enjoyed spending time with him and hearing stories of his adventures.
Damon worked with my family’s business, Winkler Knives, where his acquired skill sets fit nicely into making knives. He was honored to gain skills under the direction of another master, Daniel Winkler, working there until August of 2018 at which time his illness forced him to take leave.
At 6’ 10” and sporting a long beard, there was nothing subtle about Damon Scott. He drew the attention of many who either wanted to ask questions regarding his height or how long it had taken him to grow that beard. No matter what he was doing, he always willingly and politely answered questions about both.
On Wednesday, November 14th, 2018, Damon Aric Scott lost his valiant battle with Colorectal Cancer. He was only 45 years old. He would want you to be aware that you don’t have to be 50+ years to get Colon Cancer and would encourage you to seek medical attention if you have any prolonged digestive issues.
How can I possibly say everything else I need to say about Damon and do him justice in the small space of an obituary? I want you to know he was a wonderful fur-baby papa. His heart was big - really big. He loved to laugh and make people laugh. He had a beautiful contagious smile. He loved being married. He knew things - lots and lots of things! It was amazing really. He loved classic cars, fishing, and good music. He loved sprinkles and Jenn Bryant’s banana pudding. He was meticulous in everything he did. He would really appreciate all the love and support everyone has shown him, me, his folks, family and friends on Facebook.
How do I tell you who is left to cherish his memory in the small space of an obituary? He had huge family and loved them all. They loved him too. He made friends everywhere he went, his entire life, and he kept them. There are so many of us left to cherish his memory.
And what becomes of his stories? It is up to the rest of us now to pass them along. The story teller is now the story.
I would like to say a special thanks to Kiersten, Glen, Eli, and the kids, Colin, Scott Suther, The Denver Six, The Baxendales, The Uncles and Shane, Rob and Silkor, Kaleb and Josh, Harry Bear and Mommy Jo, and Uncle Bobby. I would also like to thank Dr. Robinson and the staff at Novant Health Colon and Rectal Clinic in Winston Salem, NC, the staff at Seby B. Jones Cancer Center, all of my angels at High Country Caldwell Hospice and Palliative Care, and Bruce and Richard at Austin Barnes Funeral Home. Thank you to my mom, my Aunt Karen, and Uncle Danny for holding me up through the most difficult time in my life. Thank you to all the people who wanted to visit and tried. We just ran out of time.
In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation in Damon Scott’s name to the SECU House in Winston Salem, NC. It is a housing facility for patients and family members who need a safe and affordable place to stay while receiving procedures or treatments in the local hospitals. I was able to stay there during all of Damons surgeries which gave him tremendous peace of mind and made my own experience much easier. Their website is if youd like some more information.
Damon wanted us to celebrate him rather than mourn him. Because his friends and family are scattered all over the country, we would like to have 3 celebrations in order to allow as many people as possible an opportunity to participate. Our goal is to have gatherings in Blowing Rock, NC and Bluff City, KS, in the near future. Then, in the Spring or Summer of 2019, our friends are planning a celebration in Denver, CO. All dates are still to be determined and will be announced as soon as possible.

With Love and Gratitude,
Mrs. Damon Scott (Cissie)