Lost Near Shatley Springs - Aleghany County (2018-11-05 16:11:52)

Jasper 15lb half dachshund half beagle red harness, had leash attached, maybe chewed off.

Helton creek area last seen running toward tiny town. He is my husband fur baby. My husband fell off the roof, broke his foot, shattered his hip and fracture his spine. Taken to Wake forest. Japer say him placed in ambulance. When the caretaker of him open the door, he shot out..., running the way the truck went. Could be between Shatley Springs and Virginia border. Please help me bring this baby home. He came from rowan pound, a kill shelter. He was abused, so he will be scared and shy. He's a licker when he gets nervous. He is chipped. Please help me.

Call 704-991-5676