Mitchell Jury Sentences Man For Manufacturing Methamphetamine (2016-12-19 13:13:00)

Patrick Michael Mayes has been entenced to 21 years for making meth.

On December 15, 2016, a Mitchell County Jury convicted Patrick Michael Mayes, age 33, of Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine, and Possession of Precursor Chemicals with the Intent to Manufacture Methamphetamine.  Additionally, Mayes was identified by the District Attorney’s Office as a Habitual Felon, which enhanced his sentence. 

At the time of the offenses, Mayes was on probation for Felony Breaking and Entering and Felony Larceny.  Mayes had previously been convicted of 14 different felonies offences and dozens of misdemeanor offenses. 

The Honorable R. Gregory Horne, Resident Superior Court Judge, sentenced Mayes to prison for a minimum of 21 years and 2 months and a maximum of 26 years and 6 months. 

“We continue to aggressively prosecute those who manufacture meth,” District Attorney Seth Banks said in a statement. “Mr. Mayes has spent most of his adult life harassing hard working people in our community with his criminal conduct and, on this occasion, he was caught manufacturing a poison that threatens the wellbeing of our children.  We hope that with this prison sentence, we have effectively put an end to Patrick Michael Mayes’ criminal career.  I would like to thank Assistant District Attorney Milton Fletcher for his work on this case. I also would like to commend the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office and the State Bureau of Investigation for their dedication in combating methamphetamine.”