Boone Grants Temporary Certificate Of Occupancy To The Standard (2016-12-17 21:47:58)

The Standard Of Boone is ready for residents.

Friday, Landmark Properties received a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy from the Town of Boone, allowing the developer to begin move-in at The Standard at Boone. All residents may begin moving into the apartment building immediately.

Over the next several weeks, the construction team at The Standard will complete some final items on the commercial retail space, first floor and amenity areas as they work toward receiving a complete Certificate of Occupancy.

Landmark officials said “We appreciate the City of Boone working through this process with us and we are confident that the project will be a positive impact on the area. We appreciate the patience of the residents, parents and City during this extended construction time”.

While delayed, Landmark Properties provided residents temporary living accommodations at nearby hotels, prepaid VISA cards and daily rental credits.