Town Of Boone Stage Two Water Restrictions Lifted (2016-12-17 21:52:12)

Due to the rainfalls over the past few weeks, the Town of Boone has lifted Stage 2 Water Restrictions.

The Town will return to the voluntary, conservation based restrictions listed in Stage 1 and are listed below.

During Stage I Water Shortage each method shall be voluntary unless it is superseded explicitly by the mandatory provisions of §§ 50.309 or 50.310:

(1) Reusing water whenever possible unless the reuse is prohibited under this code

(e.g., black water or grey water);

(2) Minimizing vehicle washing;

(3) Limiting lawn, garden and plant watering to the minimum necessary for the

vegetation to survive;

(4) Minimizing use of potable water to wash down outside areas such as sidewalks,

patios, parking lots, service bays or aprons and the like;

(5) Refraining from allowing faucets to run while shaving or rinsing dishes;

(6) Limiting the use of washing machines and dishwashers and when used,

operating only fully loaded;

(7) Taking showers instead of baths and limiting showers to no more than four


(8) Avoiding flushing toilets with each single use;

(9) Using flow restrictive and water saving devices as much as possible;

(10) Limiting hours of operation of water-cooled air conditioners; and

(11) Taking all other measures which the customer or Director recognizes will

conserve water use.

(B) During Stage I, Stage II and Stage III Water Shortages, the above non-exclusive

conservation methods shall be encouraged or required.