Crack In Fuel Line Causes Spill At Watauga Medical Center (2018-12-21 16:11:20)

There was a 350 gallon diesel fuel spill at Watauga Medical Center from December 14th to 15th.

The Watauga Democrat reports the spill was from a cracked underground fuel line that brings fuel from holding tanks to boilers to heat the hospital.

According to the report, the spill was below the town’s water intake on the South Fork New River. There was no public health risk, and there was no contamination to Boone’s water supply. The fuel pumps have been shut off since December 15th.

Officials are in the process of collecting soil samples to find the location of the crack in the underground line.

The Appalachian Regional Healthcare System is also in the process of replacing the current fuel lines with brand new fuel lines.