New Community Art School Comes To Boone (2018-10-05 15:09:44)

A new community art school is launching this month with classes for all ages.

Mountainside School of Mentoring and Art will hold its first classes October 10th at Galileo’s on King Street with such offerings as beginners crochet, a children’s creative writing class, specialized theater programs for pre-k through high school and private guitar lessons.

While at first classes will be held after 3 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, the school plans to expand. Next semester, they hope to offer various dance classes, toddler programs and more.

The goal, according to Mountainside Community’s children’s director and theater teacher Sherri McCready, is to provide affordable classes to all who want to learn a new skill.

“My family couldn’t afford art or dance lessons for me. I was the kid peering into the window of dance studios wishing,” she said. “It is so helpful to a community when we are willing to pass our skills along to someone else, whether it is life skill stuff or some sort of art. We all benefit from sharing what we have learned.”

McCready, who has spent the last 30 years performing, writing, directing and teaching theatre, founded another art school almost ten years ago in Asheville before moving to Boone. Elevate School of Life and Art originally started with nine after school programs and has grown to offering more than 100 classes a semester including dance, a circus school, musical theater program and academic tutoring. She hopes Mountainside will grow in a similar way to bless the community.

“We hope to join the beautiful art community already here in Boone by adding our color and flavor to the mix,” McCready said.

While the art school will be under the umbrella of Mountainside Community Church, participants of all backgrounds are welcome.

In addition to the after school program, there will also be a special morning session for a screen-free childcare program from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday.

For more information on Mountainside School of Mentoring and Art, visit www.MCBoone/