Storm Shelters Available In High Country (2018-09-15 13:19:49)

Several locations in the High Country will be open as storm shelters over the next couple of days.

Following are the known shelters so far:

Alliance Bible Fellowship in Boone - Opens 5 p.m. today (Saturday). Has capacity to hold 100 people.

Quinn Center at ASU - Open 5 p.m. today (Saturday). Only for students, faculty and staff, and their spouses, domestic partners and dependents. At least one member of each party needs to have a valid ASU ID. No pets are allowed. 

Ashe County High School - Opens 1 p.m. Sunday

Hospitality House in Boone - (Only if called upon by Red Cross). Hospitality House stated it's prepared to provide shelter for individuals and families displaced from their homes from flooding, mudslides, etc...