Beech Mountain Enduro - North Carolina (2018-08-31 16:23:35)

The town of Beech mountain parks and recreation and Beech Mountain Resort, affectionately known by locals as “Screech Mountain” due it’s unnervingly technical trails, played host to the first round of the Triple Crown Enduro Series this past

weekend in the High Country of North Carolina. Riders from all over the southeast and beyond tested their skill and fitness throughout six stages of varying difficulty, with each stage playing to the strengths of different riding styles. Pro category riders were given shuttle priority to start things off, and the first shuttle was up the mountain right on time at 9:15. 

Stage 1 started off with a fast descent from the very top of the mountain. Riders were quickly confronted by two large rock up and overs before dropping into a much steeper and more technical wooded section. There were two lines through the woods; rider right and rider left. The right line was the quicker and less risky of the two, but a fair number of riders, caught off guard by the sudden change of terrain, found themselves bouncing through a left line that would set them up poorly for the next slightly bermed corner. 

Stage 2 was nearly polar opposite of the first, with a much flatter selection of cross country terrain that favored those with higher fitness over those with technical skills. The ability to pedal efficiently and powerfully throughout the entirety of the stage seemed to be the key to a fast time. Despite the lack of overly rooty and rocky trail, line choice was key through a number of the faster corners and straights. 

The third stage was likely one of the most popular among racers and spectators alike. The stage, which took place on “Witches Backbone”, a brand new trail on the mountain, treated riders to a number of fast doubles, step ups and downs, and an already infamous rock drop with a blind landing that claimed a fair few riders and bikes. The b-line around the expert level rock drop was noticeably slower, so this stage favored the rider who had the nerves and skill to send themselves over the edge of the intimidating precipice. 

Moving into stage four, riders found themselves as far away as they would get from the start line on a remote section of the mountain, away from the access of spectators. Alternate line choices meant that those who rode smoothly and decisively would be able to put down a respectable time. Along the way they were also treated to more rock drops, jumps, and roots. Before the next stage, competitors would have to tackle the most fearsome climb of the day back towards the top of the mountain. 

The penultimate timed section of the Enduro started back near the center of the resort downhill trails. Dropping into “Blue Ridge Rocks”, racers immediately encountered a fast rock garden followed by a tight bermed left hander. A number of riders weren’t able to keep control through the rocks and blew straight through the berm. Continuing on they would find fast sections of tabletops, berms, and smaller rock drops.

A shuttle ride from the bottom of stage five allowed riders to relax a bit on their way up to the last stage, which featured one of the most well spectated features of the race; a large road gap. Before the gap was a fast wooded section. Many riders had to dab or crashed here, which proved difficult to mentally recover from before hitting the road gap. In case nerves kicked in at the last moment, there was a bail out line, but like the bail line in stage 3, the time penalty was significant. Towards the bottom of the stage was another wooded section, but instead of rooty and rocky, this one was fast and smooth, leading into a section of hips and doubles before spitting racers out at the bottom where they would be finished for the day.

Pro Men 
1. Gus Micheals (Squatch Bikes)
2. David Kahn (Danny's Cycles / Monster Army)
3. Ben Hobbs (Bike Fettish / Novatec ) 

Pro Women 
1. Susan Curtin
2. Emily Cox (Bike Fettish / Joe's No-Flats)
3. Svetlana Mack (Battley Harley Davidson / Founding Farmers)

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  1. Will Murray – 9:54
  2. Brent Noisette – 10:37
  3. Josh Hennessey -10:53
Junior – 18 & Under
  1. Jackson Reppe – 10:14
  2. Trey Davis – 10:21
  3. Matthrew Spong – 10:29

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Photos from Beech Mountain Enduro 2018