November Water Emergency Costs Beech Mountain $60,000 (2018-12-19 16:03:04)

The Beech Mountain water emergency in November has cost the town more than $60,000 so far.

The Watauga Democrat reports the Beech Mountain Town Council approved a budget of just over $59,000 to pay for the 200,000 gallons of water that was needed to be put through the town’s pipes.

According to the report, the town also had to pay nearly $2,000 for bottled water during the emergency.

The cost to pay town employees has not yet been factored in.

The emergency happened after a diver got his leg caught in a mechanical gate release valve while under water at Buckeye Lake. The water had to be drained to rescue the diver.

Beech Mountain was under a state of emergency for 10 days after the incident.