Avery Student Suspended Following Potential Threat (2018-08-23 15:07:32)

An Avery County student was suspended after communicating a potential threat on social media.

The Avery County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the incident on Sunday night, and issued a statement to let parents know there was no threat to students on the first day of school, as the student in question was not allowed on school property.

The Avery Journal Times reports the student’s statement on social media was vague and could be construed as a threat, but was not a direct threat.

According to the report, the Avery County Sheriff’s Office will search the student’s residence and go through their electronics and social media to look for evidence that a threat could be carried out. The student will also undergo a mental assessment.

The Sheriff’s Office will submit a juvenile petition, and there is also potential for a disorderly conduct charge.